Anna at 14 weeks

24 Oct

As of today I’m at 14 weeks and feeling great.  My belly is starting to grow and I can no longer button some of my pants! Even though I know my tummy is going to grow its still hard seeing it get bigger.  (And this is only the beginning!)  I went shopping for maternity clothes last weekend, and that was pretty fun.   Stretchy pants are soooo comfy! However I realized that maternity clothes are very expensive.  So I went onto craigslist and found a couple people selling their maternity clothes for really cheap.  I got some great stuff and saved a lot of money!  What a blessing!

Dustin and I have started thinking about our nursery and I think we’ve settled on green, but not exactly sure what shade yet.  My mom is going to make the crib bedding so we’ll pick a color to match it.


2 Responses to “Anna at 14 weeks”

  1. Erin butler October 26, 2007 at 9:47 pm #

    Anna – you are SO cute!!! I borrowed a bunch of maternity clothes but I will look through mine and bring some the next time we’re in Minneapolis if you’d like to borrow some of mine because it does get expensive! We are excited to see your tummy grow and can’t wait to meet your baby! Love you!!!

    Erin, Lucy and Brent

  2. Sara November 13, 2007 at 11:03 pm #

    Hey mama!
    Don’t sweat the growing tummy. 🙂 You’re right at the awkward in between stage where you just feel fat and not pregnant, you know? I remember just feeling so bloated and aaarrrgh feeling. Once it ‘pops’…you’ll feel more robust, glowing, and beautiful 🙂 hee hee


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