Stout Girl’s Weekend

17 Feb

When I went to college I was like most people, scared that I wouldn’t make any friends, at least not ones I really liked. My fears were soon taken away after getting involved with a group called Campus Crusade for Christ. I met some of the most amazing girls through this group. We spent so much time together and were truly a part of each other’s lives. We lived together, cried together, prayed together, went grocery shopping together, and loved each other. We were like a family in a way. Graduating was a hard thing, knowing that things between this group of friends would never be the same. Yes, we would see each other once in awhile, and send the occasional email, but we would never have that tight knit community again. Since graduation we’ve all seen each other at weddings and try to get together for dinner sometimes, but we haven’t gotten together as just us girls. This weekend we did. It was a blast! We decided this needs to become a yearly event.

It was so great to be able to really hear how each other is doing and to pray for each other. A lot has happened in our lives since college; marriage, new jobs, babies. We’ve all gone through joyful and sorrowful times and continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord. I was so encouraged by each of the women this weekend and how they continue to pursue the Lord. It is so evident in each of their lives. I love these women so much and it was hard to say goodbye this morning.

Even though we have mets lots of new friends since college, no one will ever replace these friends. Dustin is often telling me that I need to make some new friends who live closer to us, but honestly its so hard when I still have such great friends from college. I feel like we have a special bond that can’t be recreated, and that’s probably ok. I need to accept the fact that these new friends won’t ever be the same as the ones from college, but they can still be great if I give it a chance.


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