New Baby Gear!!!

24 Mar

Last Friday night Dustin and his friend Ben slept outside of REI for one of their scratch and dent sales. A few times a year REI has a sale where they sell all the items people have returned or that are discontinued, for extremely low prices. Dustin likes to sleep out the night before to guarantee a good place in line. Most of the time we end up finding little things to buy like bags or shirts. But this time we hit the motherload! We have known we want a bike trailer for our kids ever since we started riding last summer, and we got a used Burley bike trailer at the sale for over 75% off!!! Burley’s are one of the best bike trailers out there! We are so excited! Unfortunately we will most likely have to wait until next summer to use it because I think the baby needs to be able to sit on its own before you can put it in it. Oh well, its still awesome!

On Sunday we spent the day with Dustin’s family.  We went to the 9:00 church service at Bethlehem and then went over to Dustin’s parent’s house for lunch.

We were really surprised when this came out of the back room:

I know we haven’t actually used it yet, but I think this is the coolest stroller ever made!  Its a jogging stroller that has an extra seat so it converts to double stroller without taking up much more room than a single!  Genius!  Its called a Phil & Ted stroller.  The main seat can recline fully and the extra seat can be placed on top too.  Dustin and I can’t wait to take the baby for walks in this!  I’m so glad the baby is going to be born in the spring so we can enjoy the warm weather right away!


2 Responses to “New Baby Gear!!!”

  1. w March 25, 2008 at 8:55 am #

    The bike trailer was the best thing ever invented for little kids. We still use ours, although I’m sure this will be the last year. Great find!!

  2. Joey March 26, 2008 at 9:51 am #

    That is SWEET!! A month ago we landed on a couch at Macy’s for 78% off and still can’t believe our luck. How cool is finding sweet deals?

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