Free Time Sewing

7 Jul

I have been able to do a few projects during some of Lydia’s naps the past few days.

I made a couple headbands for Lydia using patterns from this site:

I made a bigger nursing cover out of thicker fabric. The first one I made was good, but I feel more comfortable with a little more fabric.

I like these slings by Hotsling a lot, but they are fairly pricing so I decided to make my own. It was super easy and Lydia seems to like it. As she gains strength in her neck there are other positions I’ll be able to carry her in too. The sling took about 2 yards of fabric which I got for $8, so I figure I saved about $40 by making it myself! Woohoo! I used this and this as a pattern. (I made a headband for myself too!)

My next project is going to be a hobo bag.  Hopefully I’ll get it done in the next couple weeks.  I already have my fabric, I just need to find time.


One Response to “Free Time Sewing”

  1. w July 7, 2008 at 9:26 pm #

    Love the fabrics you have chosen! It’s fun to see the “in” mom stuff.

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