I made it through the first week!

4 Sep

Well, my first week of work is over.  I made it!!  Tuesday was pretty hard.  I cried multiple times that day.  Wednesday and today were much better.  No tears.  I’m hoping it just keeps getting easier.  We think Lydia is adjusting well.  The first couple days she was not excited to take her bottle, but today daddy warmed up the milk, and that seemed to go down much better.  Yeah! My child will eat!

I’m so glad that I’m only going back part time.  I also have several vacation days yet for this year so I hopefully won’t ever have to work more than 3 weeks without taking a vacation day!

Is working and leaving my baby every morning hard?  Of course.  Do I wish I could stay home with her?  Of course.  Will God be faithful and get us through?  Of course.


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