IDF part 4

20 Sep

# 8 “Eat well grown food from healthy soil”

This can be hard because how do we really know how good the soil it we get our produce from?  While organic does usually mean foods are better, a lot of companies are making highly processed organic food that still isn’t that good for you.

We are getting most of our produce from our organic CSA this summer.  The produce we are buying in the store is some organic and some not.  I don’t feel like our food budget justifies going completely organic.

# 9 “Have a glass of wine with dinner”

This one will have to wait until I”m done nursing. Darn.

# 10 “Pay more, eat less”

In America companies try to make as much food as cheap as they can.  This does nothing for the health of our food or us.

Generally healthier food is more expensive, which stinks.  We are trying to make wise choices in order to get more healthy food and still stay in our budget.  This is a real challenge.

The eat less part is hard too, but we are trying.

Quotes from In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan


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