Desiring God Conference

28 Sep

If you’ve been reading Dustin’s blog, then you know we were at the Desiring God conference all weekend. It was a little hard to hear all the messages in their entirety because we had Lydia with us and so we spent lots of time pacing back and forth in the back of the room, but what I did hear was great! Fortunately DG has put all the sermons from the conference up on their website. I will be downloading them to hear the parts I missed.

While these are fairly minor things, I do have a couple of take aways.

# 1 Memorize more songs about God to sing to Lydia.  Often times when I try to sing to her I end up making up a lot of the words or just humming,  One of the speakers this weekend said that songs help us to memorize truths about God.  I don’t think my humming is helping either of us learn about God.

# 2 Pray more for our church and our pastors.  I know this is an important thing to do but I have to admit I have not been very good about doing this.  I was reminded of it during Mark Driscolls sermon when he was talking about some of the hard things his church faces on a daily basis.

After I listen to the speakers again I hope to have a few more take aways.  There was a lot of information and I need a little more time to process.

I encourage you all to check out the messages on


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