4 Nov

IMG_9683 by you.

A couple of weeks ago we gave Lydia her first solid food. (I know, I’m a bit behind in my posts.)  I have felt for quite some time that I want to make most of Lydia’s food instead of buying it.  It is much cheaper and that way I know exactly what is going into it.  I also plan to use mostly organic food for Lydia. 

I decided that her first food would be sweet potatoes.  I bought a couple organic sweet potatoes and cooked and pureed them.  I put the extras into ice cube trays and froze them for later.

I think Lydia really liked them!  After the first couple bites she instinctively reached with her mouth for another bite.  I’m so glad we waited until after she was 6 months old to introduce food.  I think if we had done it earlier, she would not have understood what to do.

Since then we have given her rice cereal, oatmeal, and avocado.  Sweet potatoes are still her favorite.  Next up, squash!


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