A Kentucky Wedding

10 Jan

On New Year’s Eve we got on a plane and headed down to Louisville, KY for Dustin’s cousin Josh’s wedding.  We were a little nervous about how Lydia would do on the plane, but she was awesome.  She fell asleep before we took off both times!  We stayed in a hotel with other family and had a lot of fun.   Lydia was a flower girl in the wedding and so we practiced  pulling her in a wagon up and down the hotel hallways.  Dustin was a groomsmen and so he spent most of the time with Josh shooting guns, folding wedding programs, and just hanging out.  I spent a lot of time at the hotel with the family.

The wedding was on Saturday and it was the most elegant and beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to, seriously.  The ceremony was in an old church with tons of character.  The reception was at an old mansion and was beautiful.  I didn’t get to take many pictures, but please check out the photographers blog to see some amazing shots.  I love the style of the pictures.  You feel like you’re right there with everyone!

Like I said, Lydia was a flower girl and she was pulled down the aisle in a sweet little wagon.  I’m hoping to get some pictures some day because it was so precious.  It was fun to hear everyone say “awww” as she rolled up the aisle.  I think she liked getting all the attention. 😉

We headed home on Monday after a wonderful week.

Lydia sleeping on the plane

Grandpa pulling Lydia in the wagon

Practicing in the wagon

The georgeous couple! Check out more on the photographer's blog by clicking on this photo.

And check out this cake!!!! Those flowers are made out of frosting!!!

Sitting in the airport waiting for our flight


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