A Wonderful Weekend

15 Mar

No pictures to show, but we had a wonderful weekend.   It really started on Thursday when we found out that Dustin got a new job at Best Buy that would mean a day schedule!!!   This is something we’ve been praying for since he got a job back in September.   Words can’t describe how excited we both are that we’ll be spending more time together as a family.  It was a long 6 months of only seeing each other on Wednesday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

Friday, Dustin got off early and we went out to dinner and a movie, something we haven’t done since before Lydia was born.  We went to McCormik and Schmicks for a celebratory dinner!  It was delicious!  It was so wonderful to have a date together. (Thanks Grandma for watching Lydia.)

Saturday was gorgeous out, so we decided to take another trip to the zoo.  We put Lydia in the Kelty backpack and she loved it!  We spent the rest of the day just relaxing around home.  We also watched Horton Hears at Who, which was really cute.

Sunday, oh how I love Sundays, and now we get to be together as a family, which makes them that much better!  After church we went out for lunch with Dustin’s family.  This afternoon we went grocery shopping and for a walk because it was another BEAUTIFUL day!


One Response to “A Wonderful Weekend”

  1. Mom / Grandma H March 17, 2009 at 6:43 pm #

    thank you for sharing….. It is so wonderful to see God work……

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