A new way to track finances

28 May

For the past several years I have used Quicken on my computer to keep track of our finances.  Every month I would spend a couple hours entering in every receipt and cross referencing our credit card and bank statments to make sure they matched.  Then I would look at our budget and see how we netted out.  While this did help us know where we spend our money, it took forever and it was hard for me to know where we were at with our budget until I took the time to enter in our receipts.  To top it all off, our computer crashed and I lost all of our Quicken info!

For several weeks now I’ve been debating if I really want to start this process all over.  “There must be a better way” I thought.  I found one!!  I’ve started using Quicken Online.  Its a free service that downloads all of your bank and credit card info into one place and shows you exactly where you’re at.   I can categorize each expenditure and I’ve entered in our budget as well.  Since it downloads the info everyday, I can know exactly where we are at with our budget all the time!  Very helpful.  There is also an app for my iPhone!  Its only been a couple of days, but so far I love it.  I still plan to scan through all the numbers to make sure there isn’t anything funky, but I won’t be physically entering in every receipt anymore.  This is very freeing for me.  I tend to be kind of anal if you didn’t know that already;).


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