My Dad’s Funeral

27 Jan

My dad’s funeral was on the 15th.  It was a very sad and hard day.  We had the visitation in the morning right before the funeral.  Our family got to the church around 8:30 and everything was already set up.  We had brought in pictures and examples of my dad’s woodworking the night before.  Now there were about 25 plants and bouquets of flowers at the front of the church, and of course my dad.    It was so touching to meet so many people who my dad had impacted.  Its hard to know for sure, but I bet at least 300 people were there.  A few months ago my dad had said he hoped there wouldn’t be a lot of people at his funeral, because that would mean he was really old and everyone he knew would be gone already.  That’s not how things worked out unfortunately.  It still doesn’t feel like all this really happened.

We had a slide show playing during the visitation with pictures of my dad’s life.  Here is a link to all the pictures on my flickr page.

My sister in law Wendy took some really great pictures during the funeral.  Here are a few.


One Response to “My Dad’s Funeral”

  1. Andrea January 27, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    Wow, those are so me great photos of your dad. Thanks for sharing through this sad time. Still thinking of you…let me know if you need anything!

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