House Projects

1 Feb

It’s been a busy couple weeks at our house.  

Our Christmas present to each other and from our parents was new carpet for our downstairs, so a couple weeks ago we started moving everything out of our lower level and ripped up all the carpet.  We got the carpet installed last Saturday and I LOVE it!  We got the best pad on the market so it’s nice and squishy and I love having one kind of carpet throughout the whole level.  It makes it seem like a new house.  After that we moved everything back.  Our two bedrooms on that level are now a playroom and an office/craft room/guest room.  We had already painted before we got the new carpet.  Lydia loves her new playroom, and so do I.  It’s so nice to have one room with all her toys in it, instead of having toys in every room.

So if that wasn’t enough for a pregnant woman with a two year old to handle, we also decided last week that Dustin would start building a Man Cave in our basement.  (For those who don’t know the layout of our house, we have a 4 level split, so our lowest level is an unfinished basement at this point.)  Dustin has talked about wanting a man room for a long time and I am excited for him to have this space.   Basically we are splitting our basement in half.  One half will be laundry, utilities, and storage, and the other half will be Dustin’s Man Cave.  So far the framing, electrical and insulation are done. 

Well, after all that, on top of dealing with losing my dad, we needed to get away.  So Dustin and spent this last Friday night at a B&B.  It was wonderful!  I love B&B’s and this was a really good one.   Then on Saturday we ran lots of errands together.  This probably doesn’t sound too exciting, but it was so nice to just be together and not have to deal with taking Lydia in and out of her car seat all day. 

Saturday afternoon we set up Lydia’s big girl bed, which is the twin bed that Dustin grew up in.  We want her to be used to sleeping in it for a while before the baby comes home.  It’s been two nights, and so far so good.  She seems to really like it.  

I WILL be posting pictures of all the new changes, hopefully this week sometime.

One Response to “House Projects”

  1. w February 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    Can’t wait to see pictures!

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