Do you ever go out to eat alone?

5 Feb

Well, I do.  Its definately not my first choice, but I don’t mind eating out alone.  I have to do it when I’m traveling for work sometimes and the other night I stayed downtown after work to go to a church event, so I ate out alone.  One thing I have noticed is that I always get served very quickly when I’m alone.  Do they feel sorry for me so they get me my food quickly so I can leave?  Or is it just a coincidence?

Anyways, the other night I chose to eat at Brasa, one of my favorite restaurants.  If you haven’t been there, you need to check it out.  They have 2 locations now, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul.  This is how they describe what kind of food they serve, “Brasa serves comfort food inspired by the creole cooking traditions of the Americas and Caribbean.”  Not only is their food super tasty, but they also use locally produced natural and organic ingredients.  Check out their menu here.  I’ve had lots of their stuff, and its all delicious!  The other night I chose to have the “all sides” plate and I got the yams with andouille sausage, yellow rice and beans, chips with guacomole and cornbread with honey butter.  YUM!  Their servings are generous, so Dustin got the leftovers for lunch the next day.


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