Happy Birthday Lydia!!!

15 Apr


Today is your 2nd birthday.  You have changed so much since your last birthday.  In the last year you have learned how to walk, talk, feed yourself, put on your own shoes, and so much more.  These days you love to spend time playing with your play kitchen, your dolls, or reading books.  You also love go outside to play with bubbles, chalk or your new sandbox.  It seems like everyday you learn a new word or phrase and you’re constantly making me laugh.  I love when you ask to pray or read your Bible.   I love your smile and your laugh.

You have quite the little personality and you love attention.  When there is a room full of people, you are right in the middle dancing, singing, or doing your “funny walk”.

Now you’re a big sister, and I love seeing you with Ellie.  Even though I know it has been a hard adjustment for you, I can tell that you do love her.  You give her such sweet kisses and you love to hold her.  I hope you two will be best friends.

I love you so much Lydia and I’m so glad we get to spend several months together while I’m on maternity leave.

Happy Birthday!




One Response to “Happy Birthday Lydia!!!”

  1. Dan April 16, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    Anna that is a really sweet letter. In 20 years it will truly be a treasure to her. Your are a really good mom and wife.

    I love you,

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