Happy Birthday Elliana!

1 Apr

Sweet Elliana,

Happy 1st Birthday! What a fun year this has been. You have learned so much in this first year of life. It’s crazy to think about actually. In a year’s time you have learned to:

  • roll over
  • sit up
  • crawl
  • eat solid foods
  • stand up
  • laugh
  • babble
  • say: mama, dada, baby, and all done
  • make messes
  • make goofy faces (as seen above)

I love how you cuddle your baby dolls and stuffed animals. I love the way you lay your little head on my shoulder when you’re tired. I love how you stand up in your crib when its time to get up and scream with delight or giggle at Lydia. I love the way you crawl with a wide stance and your head down.

I will admit that I was nervous before you came into our family that I wouldn’t love you as much Lydia. How could there be enough room in my heart? I thought. Well, how wrong I was. You have totally captured my heart just as your sister did. I love you more every day and love being your mama.

Happy Birthday little girl!




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