Quiet Time Bins

20 Feb

I consider it a huge blessing that Lydia has been taking good naps until now.  But I think the time has come for her naps to be over.  I still NEED to have some time alone each afternoon though, and I think its good for Lydia to have some alone play time too, so this weekend we made up some quiet time bins for her to use each afternoon.  I got the idea HERE and think its just brilliant.  There is one box for each day of the week and there are different toys/activities in each one.  The plan is for Lydia to play in her room with the contents of the box for an hour or two each afternoon while Ellie naps.

I got ideas for what to put in the boxes just fome searching quiet time bins on google.  I found all this stuff around the house.  Here’s what’s inside each bos:

Viewmaster toy, pipe cleaners, book, dry erase letter practice sheets

Book, sewing cards, Hello Kitty doll, play make up kit, crayons & small notepad

Dry erase shapes book, animal flashcards, magnetic dress up doll, & a book

Polly Pocket doll & car, calculator, crayons & notebook, book

Book, stuffed koala, clothespins, dry erase cards

Tomorrow will be the first day we use the bins.  I’m really hoping this works well, for more than a week. 😉

 I will put new things in the bins from time to time too.

Here’s what Ellie will be doing:


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