Garage Sale Successes

17 May

I have always LOVED going to garage sales. My mom I used to have so much fun going to them together when I was growing up and now I love going to them with the girls. We’ve been having some pretty good success so far this summer. Today was no exception. For just around $40, here’s what we found:



-I’ve been looking for some cute old suitcases to store dress up clothes or doll toys in, at $1 each these beauties are perfect!
-I’ve been looking for a new angel food cake pan because the hole in the top of mine isn’t big enough to fit on a bottle. Not only is this one the right size, but its made in the USA too! Got to love that!
-Two pairs of Robeeze shoes for our little man. They are in perfect condition too!
-The little glass jar has a metal cover with holes in it that I think will be just perfect for little flowers.
-The tarnished silver basket is hopefully going to work as a photo prop along with this:


-You’ll have to stay tuned to see if it all works out. I figured, if I don’t use it I might be able to cash it in for its value in silver right?
-The vintage sheets were $0.50 and they have a really fun pattern. I’m not totally sure what they’ll be turned into yet.
-The two cute old white vintage linens are for decorating, and the old frame will be getting a new photo to put in it.
-How could I pass up that super cute white chair?! So great for the deck and as a photo prop.
-And of course, the little tikes car. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for years and I finally caved. The girls love it of course!

What a fun morning!

2 Responses to “Garage Sale Successes”

  1. Kylie May 17, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    What cute stuff!! I have yet to go to garage sales this year. I am going to try to get out in the next few weeks. I love the suitcases!

  2. Vannella May 17, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    LOVE all your fun finds!!! I’m inspired to find some deals!

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