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Pregnancy Update

25 Mar

Just a quick update on my pregnancy.  I’m 39 weeks today.  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I’m dilated to 2 cm, the baby’s head is down, and she said everything looks great.  The last few days I’ve been having random contractions, so I’m hoping that means things are going to happen soon.  I’m ready to meet this baby! 

(Also, I’m about 20 lbs lighter this time around, which I’m super pumped about!  And I’m still wearing my wedding ring and normal shoes due to less weight and swollenness!)


Fun mail always makes me happy

3 Mar

I had been looking for a fun prop to use when we take newborn pictures of the baby and I decided I wanted a knitted cocoon.  I searched all over, mostly on Etsy, and finally found this adorable one with a matching hat from Craft Nikki on Etsy.  So precious!

It finally came in the mail today!!! I love it and can’t wait to take some fun photos with our new baby in it!

Baby Update

25 Jan

I realized that I haven’t given a baby update since the middle of November!  Whoops!  Well, I’m over 30 weeks already and things seem to be going really well.  I had a slight scare when I failed my first glucose test, but I passed the 3 hour test no problem.  (If you fail that means you have gestational diabetes.) 

This little girl is quite the wiggle worm, especially at night.  Do I need to be worried about long sleepless nights once she’s here??

I thought about posting a picture of my belly, but trust me I’m looking pregnant.  Instead I decided to post this video.  I posted it last year too around this time.  It gets me every time I watch it.  What a miracle babies are, both in the womb and out!   I feel so blessed to be able to carry this little life for 9 months.  With under 10 weeks to go, I’m getting more and more excited to hold this little girl.


18 Nov

GIRL!!!!  We had our ultrasound today and found out our baby is a girl.  Although a boy would have been fun, I’m actually really excited about another girl.  I am envisioning  her and Lydia spending hours and hours together playing with dolls and dress up.  I just think girls are so much fun.   We should also be able to reuse all of Lydia’s clothes since they’ll be almost exactly 2 years apart.

Now that we know this baby is a girl, we’re changing our plans about moving Lydia’s room downstairs.  I’m thinking instead about making the room downstairs a playroom and having them share a room.  Any suggestions on what color to paint the playroom?

Here is an ultrasound photo.

Our Baby’s Heart Beat

21 Oct

On Tuesday we had our 16 week check up for baby number 2.  Dustin recorded the heart beat!  I love hearing this sound!  I also think it’s great that you can hear Lydia in the background.  She even says “baby” at the very end of the clip.  The Dr. said everything looks great.  In less than 4 weeks we will be half way and we’ll have our ultrasound.  I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going!  I need to start taking pictures of my expanding belly one of these days too.  Enjoy the sound clip!

3 + 1 = 4

23 Sep

We are so excited to announce that we are expecting baby number 2!!!!  I’m a little over 12 weeks now and still feeling the first trimester yuckies.  I’m hoping to get past them soon.  Our due date is April 1st, no joke.  Lydia and this new little one will be almost exactly 2 years apart.  (Her birthday is April 15th.)  We got to hear the heartbeat at our doctor appointment yesterday, so wonderful!

With Lydia we decided not to find out if she was a boy or a girl and it was so fun to find out in the delivery room.  But we’ve decided to find out this time around to see which way is more fun.  I’m excited to find out.   Part of me wants a girl so that she can wear all Lydia’s super cute clothes again.  But it would be wonderful to have a boy too.  Its crazy to think that in less than 8 weeks we will know (if the baby cooperates).

I have lots of plans with how we will be transforming the two bedrooms downstairs to make room for the new baby.  The now office/craft room will be taking on another role of guest room.  I’m also finally planning to paint this room too, colors TBD.  The now guest room will then become Lydia’s big girl room.  We’ll be painting the room a pale pink (i think) and then moving in a twin bed and some toys.  I’m hoping to get all the painting and moving done by February so that Lydia has some time to adjust to her new bed and room before the baby comes.

I’m so excited to have a newborn again!

A one year olds birthday

12 Mar

A couple weekends ago Lydia and I went to birthday party for my friend’s little boy.   It was the first 1st birthday I’ve been to in a long time and it got me excited for Lydia’s big day.  Its hard to believe its a little over a month away!

Lydia playing with her friend

Yummy cake!