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Homemade laundry detergent….batch #2

3 May


I’m making my second batch of laundry detergent today. I made my first one last fall and just now need to make another. I was a little hesitant that it would get my clothes clean, but it has worked fabulously! I use this recipe.

I’m also trying a homemade version of oxyclean this time. (That’s what the hydrogen peroxide is for.). We’ll see how it works.

After a half hours work, and a super small investment, I have a batch of laundry detergent that should last several months, and hopefully a stain fighter to boot!


Some inspiration

17 Jun

I love reading blogs and getting fun new ideas.  Here are a few things I’d like to try soon.

The Perfect Iced Coffee

Framed Hand Prints

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Make a quilt/blanket out the vintage sheet’s I’ve been collecting

Make sourdough bread from scratch

Make my own laundry soap



Do I really need this?

22 Feb

I have a confession. I have the tendency to be a pack rat.  There I said it.  I’m not proud of it, but it needed to be said.  Now I’m not as crazy as those people on the show Hoarders, but I do have to fight the urge to keep things just because some day 5 years from now I may possibly need it.  The other urge I have to fight is “this is just such a great deal….I MUST buy 4 of them!”

The funny thing is that I also like things to be simple and streamlined, so my pack rat tendencies are actually really frustrating for me.  I’m trying to minimalize (is that a word?) areas of our house a little bit at a time.  Every few weeks I go through my closet and get rid of a few clothes I never wear, or should never wear.  It feels so good to only have clothes in my closet that I love to wear.

So my most recent area to minimalize was our toiletries cabinet, or should I say cabinets.  I had lotions and soaps in 4 different cabinets in our house.  Here is a picture of all the items (and this isn’t even the stuff we use on a daily basis, its just extras):

This is kind of embarassing.  Yes, that is like 15 mini bars of soap from a hotel…please don’t judge me.

After sorting through it all, this is what I decided to keep:

That empty drawer was actually full of stuff too, I just forgot about it in the first picture.  This still seems like a lot of toiletries, but here is what I’m getting rid of:

A couple weeks ago I had done a mini session and had already decided to get rid of this stuff:


Now, does anyone have any suggestions of what to do with all of this?  Some of it has never been used.

It may seem wasteful to get rid of all of this stuff, but I’m trying to simplify my life where I can and really don’t need all of this sitting around in my cabinets.  I’ve switched to using handmade bar soap and shampoo bars found here, and I use Charlie’s soap for all my cleaning needs.  I also got a Norwex mop for my kitchen, so bye bye Swiffer!

Finally, a face wash that works

17 Nov

Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

I have  struggled to find a face wash that really works for my skin type since I can remember.  They’re either so strong that they dry out my skin, or not strong enough and I get pimples.  I think I have finally found one that works!!!  Its called Throroughly Clean by Dessert Esscence and I found it at Trader Joes (I’ve seen it other places too though).  Unlike most of the oil free face washes I’ve bought in the past, this one has oil in it which made me a little sceptical but my face has been much clearer and I don’t have dry patches anymore!!  Tea tree oil to the rescue!

People Against Dirty

2 Apr

foaming hand wash - eucalyptus mint

Today at work I had the opportunity to hear from one of the CEOs of Method. They make eco friendly cleaning products with really awesome packaging. Being that I am a packaging developer for General Mills, I am always looking for new fun packaging. Going to Target is very exciting for me! Method has been around since 1999 and their packaging has been incredibly innovative since the beginning. I remember when I first saw their dish soap I had to buy it just for the cool bottle. I then remember that when it was gone, my roommates and I would fill the same bottle with other dish soap instead of throwing it away. I haven’t bought any of their products since then, but was reinspired today after seeing this presentation.

After I got pregnant I started thinking more about all the chemicals we use in our home. A couple months ago I gathered all of them from under the sinks and in the basement. There were a lot. I decided to make some homemade cleansers that were non toxic. I must say, I like it. I use vinegar water to clean the windows and mirrors and a cocktail of water, washing soda, vinegar, castile soap, and essential oil for my all purpose cleaner. I know you can make your own dish soap, laundry soap, etc, but I haven’t done that yet. I must say, Method’s fun packaging and non toxic formulas are pulling me in. I want to try them. I’ll let you know what I end up trying and if it works.

But seriously, even you could care less about being “green”, aren’t these some of the coolest packages ever! I know I’m kind of a geek for even saying that, but oh well.

Check out Methods website to see all their products.

3-25-method-bathroom.jpg25oz dish soap - cucumberkarim designed dish soap - cucumberbloq body bar - escape artist | beach sagebloq body wash - eternal optimist | citron leafHE compatible laundry detergent - water lily + aloearoma pill - vanilla + applearoma ring - hollyberryaroma sticks - lavender + lemongrassnon-toxic floor cleaner - omop wood for good almond non-toxic floor cleanerhand wash refill - pink grapefruitwood - wood for good furniture polish wipes