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No more diapers….at least for a few months

31 Jan

We’re on day number 4 of potty training with Ellie, and I have to say, I think its going really well.  She really seems to be catching on and we are so proud of her.  No doubt we still have some time before we can say she’s fully potty trained, but she is well on her way.  Yay Ellie!!!

This is the first time in close to 4 years that I haven’t had to change a diaper….it feels wonderful even if it is going to be short lived.  June will come quickly 🙂

Dustin’s Mini Me

23 Oct

Fall photos

20 Oct

We attempted to get some fall photos of the girls the other day.  It was a super fast shoot, but I think we got a couple of keepers.

Where did September go?

10 Oct

I think I blinked and missed September.  Seriously, how is it the second week in October already?

We did have a great September and I’ll attempt at publishing some posts to catch you up.  Starting with this lovely shot of miss Ellie from Labor Day.  She looks so much like her daddy its spooky.

Playing house

13 Jul


The Birthday Bash

4 May

Here are few photos from the big day back in April.  It was a great day, even though we woke up to snow on April 15 🙂  Thanks to everyone who was here to help celebrate my two princesses!

Ellie’s 1 Year Photos….Round 1

3 Apr