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Garage Sale Successes

17 May

I have always LOVED going to garage sales. My mom I used to have so much fun going to them together when I was growing up and now I love going to them with the girls. We’ve been having some pretty good success so far this summer. Today was no exception. For just around $40, here’s what we found:



-I’ve been looking for some cute old suitcases to store dress up clothes or doll toys in, at $1 each these beauties are perfect!
-I’ve been looking for a new angel food cake pan because the hole in the top of mine isn’t big enough to fit on a bottle. Not only is this one the right size, but its made in the USA too! Got to love that!
-Two pairs of Robeeze shoes for our little man. They are in perfect condition too!
-The little glass jar has a metal cover with holes in it that I think will be just perfect for little flowers.
-The tarnished silver basket is hopefully going to work as a photo prop along with this:


-You’ll have to stay tuned to see if it all works out. I figured, if I don’t use it I might be able to cash it in for its value in silver right?
-The vintage sheets were $0.50 and they have a really fun pattern. I’m not totally sure what they’ll be turned into yet.
-The two cute old white vintage linens are for decorating, and the old frame will be getting a new photo to put in it.
-How could I pass up that super cute white chair?! So great for the deck and as a photo prop.
-And of course, the little tikes car. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for years and I finally caved. The girls love it of course!

What a fun morning!

The feather bandwagon

18 Oct

Way back in July I jumped on the feather extension bandwagon, and I still love them!!!  I’ve had to move the bead up a couple times, but otherwise they still look great!

Playing house

13 Jul


Blast from the past

7 May

Check out my sweet new watch! That’s right, it’s a Slap watch!! Remember those bracelets?



Merry Christmas! Our 2010 Christmas Letter

23 Dec


What a year. We have been incredibly blessed this year, but we have also been through some challenging times.  Through it all we continue to see God’s hand at work in our lives over and over again, both in the sorrows and the joy.  This year for our Christmas letter we decided to list a few events from each month of 2010.


  • Anna’s dad passed away
  • We got new carpet
  • We finished the playroom


  • Dustin spent a week in the hospital
  • We got a new furnace
  • We spent a weekend at a cabin with our small group


  • Anna got a promotion at General Mills
  • Dustin finished his Man Room in the basement


  • Elliana was born April 1
  • Anna’s mom stayed with us for 2 weeks
  • Lydia turned 2
  • We got a new water softener


  • We expanded the garden and planted asparagus


  • Anna started selling Premier Designs Jewelry
  • Dustin had a work party on the 50th floor of the IDS building


  • We spent the 4th in Ripon visiting family and friends from Brazil
  • We went camping in Okoboji
  • Took a second trip to Ripon for a memorial service for Anna’s Dad


  • Lydia potty trained
  • Dustin rode his bike in the Dairyland Dare
  • We went camping in Bayfield, WI


  • Anna & Ellie went to Indiana to visit friends
  • Anna became a full time stay-at-home mom


  • We painted the upstairs bathroom
  • Our family visited for Elliana’s dedication
  • Annual Stout girls weekend at our house


  • Drove to Iowa to have Chick-fil-a
  • Anna sold items at Bethlehem craft sale


  • Spent time with loved ones


We hope and pray that you have a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year.


Dustin, Anna, Lydia and Elliana Hershberger


Concerts and timing

18 Feb

We don’t go to concerts very often.  In fact, I think the last concert we went to was a Shane and Shane concert when I was pregnant with Lydia back in 2007.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE music, but we’re just pretty picky about who we go see.

Well, in the last couple of months it seems like all of my favorite singers are having concerts here in town, but unfortunatley the dates don’t match up well with our due date of April 1.

Michael Buble: March 28

Matt Wertz (opening for Five for Fighting): March 20

Dave Barnes: April 14

I was feeling kind of bummed about it all, but then today we found out that Martin Sexton is going to be in town on April 25!  I think that should be far enough away from our due date, and we’ll need to go out on a date anyways right?

Urban Dictionary Name Meanings

3 Feb

We’ve been thinking a lot about names for the baby and we’ve finally decided on one….but you’ll have to wait until she’s born to find out what it is.  Anyway, when thinking about names I like to know what the meaning of each name is.  I just learned that you can go to Urban Dictionary to see the meaning of your name.  Bear in mind, these are NOT traditional meanings, but they are funny!

There are several meanings for each name.  Here is my favorite for Anna:

The name for the most awesome person ever, It is impossible to fit so much awesome into any other person.

Christmas Luncheon

5 Dec

This morning we had a Christmas program and luncheon at our church. my mother-in-law and I hosted a table.  Every hostess gets to pick her own theme to decorate her table.  All of the tables were beautiful and so creative.  Here is a picture of our table and a shot of the room with the other tables. It was a great morning.

Photos from the 4th

17 Jul

For the purposes of this blog, I always say better late than never!  We had a great July 4th.  We spent the afternoon at Dustin’s parents with lots of friends from church and college.  For dinner we had a shrimp boil and then the whole gang headed over to our house for dessert and fireworks!  AV shoots the fireworks off at the park a couple blocks from our house, so we just watch from our backyard.  Here are some photos of the great day.

Lydia and Grandpa

Lydia about to take a drink of the flower water

Heather and Eric on the Slackline

Waiting for the fireworks!

The Phantom!

8 Dec



I am so excited!  Dustin and I got tickets to go see the Phantom of the Opera in May for our 5th anniversary!!!  I saw this musical when I was in middle school and have wanted to see it again ever since.  Dustin has never seen it, so I have wanted to take him for years.  Finally it is coming back to the Twin Cities and we’re going!!  I have been humming the songs ever since we got our tickets on Saturday.