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15 May


I’ve never been very good at taking care of plants, but I love having them around the house and outside. They make me feel happy. I have somehow managed to keep a ficus tree alive for over 6 years and I have a plant my mom gave me a few years ago that can go weeks and weeks without water and needs very little attention. Everything else I’ve gotten has ended up dead.

I may have found a new plant love….succulents! From everything I hear they are very hardy and almost indestructible. We shall see :). Dustin and the girls got me these fun succulents for mothers day. Aren’t they the cutest little plants! I love them!

A weekend of gardening

17 May

We spent this beautiful weekend doing yard work.  We expanded our garden and planted asparagus.  We also got some herbs, lettuce, spinach, and flowers to grow on the deck.  As you can see, Lydia was lots of help.  She really liked the worms!

We’re composters now!

20 Apr

A couple weeks ago we decided to buy a compost bin.  I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while and just finally got around to it.  We decided to go with the Garden Gourmet.  So far so good.  I feel good about this new change.  I always felt bad about how much food waste went into the garbage.  Now we have the added bonus of getting some really good dirt…in a year or so anyways.  We’re also trying to be better at recycling lately too.  The last couple of weeks our garbage can has been half full!  I’m hoping we can request a smaller can, if we keep this up, and save some $$$.

Bountiful Gardens

27 Jul

We’re spending a few days at my parent’s house, which is always relaxing and fun.  We love eating all the yummy produce from their gardens.  They have several, full of beans, squash, lettuce, potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, and much more!!!  My parent’s are great gardeners!

Lots of Random Thoughts

16 May

I’ve meant to write a bunch of posts over the last couple weeks, but the days seem to go by very quickly these days. I finally got a chance to write tonight, so this is going to be a very random post.

Last weekend was Lydia’s first road trip. We went to Chicago for Dustin’s sister’s Graduation. We rode with Dustin’s parents in their RV. She was a great traveler. Sunday was my first Mother’s day! It was a great day because we were able to be with Dustin’s mom and grandma and my mom. We stopped in Milwaukee on our way home and met up with my parents and my sister’s family. I am so incredibly blessed to have Lydia as a daughter. I still can’t believe she is ours sometimes. What did we do to get something so wonderful? That’s is what makes our God so great, we didn’t do anything. It is by His Grace alone. My wonderful husband got me a gift certificate for a massage for mother’s day!!! Yippee!

We introduced a bottle to Lydia this week and there were no problems! She doesn’t even care if the milk is warmed up! She seems to like the crazy bottle we got too.

Our friends had a baby on Mother’s day and we went to go see them in the hospital. He is super cute. He weighed about the same as Lydia did when she was born a month ago and it was crazy to see the difference between them. She has really changed a lot in the last month. The baby fat is definitely coming. I love her chubby little cheeks!

Yesterday we went to some local shops that sell antiques and fun decorating things but are only open one weekend a month. My two favorites were Mustard Moon and How Quaint. We found some great items at great prices including this table and chairs for our front porch.

We also got some items for Lydia’s room and a bed frame for ours. I’ve been looking for a bed since we got married and just have never found the right one at the right price. I finally found it! It needs a little work, so I’ll take a picture when its done. I love it!

Today was gorgeous out so I decided it was finally time to do some yard work and plant some plants. We decided to plant some strawberry plants in our garden bed. I’m not a great farmer, so we’ll see what happens. I just thought strawberries would be a fun thing to grow. I also planted several herbs…yummy! I set Lydia’s pack and play up outside so she could get some fresh air too!