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Garage Sale Successes

17 May

I have always LOVED going to garage sales. My mom I used to have so much fun going to them together when I was growing up and now I love going to them with the girls. We’ve been having some pretty good success so far this summer. Today was no exception. For just around $40, here’s what we found:



-I’ve been looking for some cute old suitcases to store dress up clothes or doll toys in, at $1 each these beauties are perfect!
-I’ve been looking for a new angel food cake pan because the hole in the top of mine isn’t big enough to fit on a bottle. Not only is this one the right size, but its made in the USA too! Got to love that!
-Two pairs of Robeeze shoes for our little man. They are in perfect condition too!
-The little glass jar has a metal cover with holes in it that I think will be just perfect for little flowers.
-The tarnished silver basket is hopefully going to work as a photo prop along with this:


-You’ll have to stay tuned to see if it all works out. I figured, if I don’t use it I might be able to cash it in for its value in silver right?
-The vintage sheets were $0.50 and they have a really fun pattern. I’m not totally sure what they’ll be turned into yet.
-The two cute old white vintage linens are for decorating, and the old frame will be getting a new photo to put in it.
-How could I pass up that super cute white chair?! So great for the deck and as a photo prop.
-And of course, the little tikes car. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for years and I finally caved. The girls love it of course!

What a fun morning!

Our new favorite budgeting tool

21 Sep

We recently starting using a new online tool to help us with our budgeting.  It’s called Mvelopes.  We used to use Quicken, but I think this system is so much better.  It allows you to set up “envelopes” and put money in them for different categories like groceries or clothes.  It teaches you to save first, then spend instead of just spending and then trying to figure out where to get money to pay your bills at the end of the month.

You should check it out if you’re trying to be better at tracking your spending.

Click below to sign up for the free trial with my personal referral link.


I’m learning how to work the CVS system

12 Dec

I’ve been reading a couple of blogs that talk about how to save money by buying things at CVS and using their Extra Care Bucks. A simple explanation of ECB is that when you buy certain items, you earn dollars towards your next purchase. These items change each week. I’m slowly learning how best to use this system and I feel very proud of my purchase this week! I had bought some items a couple weeks ago that earned some ECB, and I had some coupons and here is what I got:

  • 80 Huggies Diapers
  • 14 oz bottle of Johnson and Johnson Lotion
  • Dove Deoderant
  • Listerine Mouthwash
  • 100 oz of All laundry detergent

All for $4.75!!!!!

If you’re interested in reading some blogs of people who really know what they’re doing check out Money Saving Mom and The Thrifty Mama. They each have great ideas and tips for ways to save money.

$8 Glasses!

15 Nov

Both Dustin and I needed new glasses, but after looking at several stores we found out our best deal would be $250/pair.  We were not ready to drop $500 on glasses especially considering we mainly wear contacts.  Fortunately for us, we found a website that sells glasses starting at $8.  That’s right, $8.  We both got a pair of glasses with anti reflective coating shipped to our house for $34!!!

We just got them yesterday.  They are not the highest quality glasses I’ve ever seen, but they will work for us, and come on, they were $15.

The website is Zenni Optical.  They have lots of options.  All you need is your perscritption and a few measurements and you can get glasses for super cheap.  Check them out!