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A new cabinet for the bathroom

13 Jun

I’ve had this cabinet sitting in the basement for over a year and I decided it was finally time to paint it and hang it up. I used white spray paint and then sanded it off to give it distressed look.


Here it is hanging in the girls bathroom. By the way, I’m still in love with this shower curtain. ūüôā

A fresh new look

5 Jun


We’ve been busy the last couple months refreshing our entryway, dining room, living room and upstairs hallway. While I still need to make some finishing touches like curtains and hanging things back on the walls, the major part of this project is over….thank goodness. I LOVE how it all turned out! As always, I’m terible about remembering to take before pictures. I just get so excited about starting a project that I forget to take pictures. I managed to find a few taken from other times.

Dustin completely rebuilt our front closet and turned it into a “mudroom”.





When we moved in we painted this whole area a gray/green color. I liked it at first, but it started to feel sad and I needed a change. We decided to go with Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige for our new color. It still has a little gray in it, but it feels so much fresher! We also painted all the trim, except for the banister, white to match what we’ve done in other rooms of the house. I don’t feel like these pictures do any justice to how great everything turned out. But here are some before and after shots.







The new kitchen

15 Jun

After we went through our kitchen and minimalized it, I decided I wanted to paint the walls.  I am thrilled with the results! Ultimately I want to paint the cabinets white and get new countertops, but I already think the new wall color makes a huge difference.

(As you can see, I also put away/got rid of more stuff on my counters in the process.  I should have taken a before picture before I started this minimalist thing.  I also used to have my kitchen aid mixer, a spice rack, and a bunch of kitchen utensils out on the counters.  There was also random things on top of all the cabinets.  I LOVE how much less clutter there is now!!)










Love my new red lights!!! We just spray painted the old 80's brass lights.

I love this poster we got at the Minneapolis Artcrank event.

Do I really need this?

22 Feb

I have a¬†confession. I have the¬†tendency¬†to be a pack rat. ¬†There I said it. ¬†I’m not proud of it, but it needed to be said. ¬†Now I’m not as crazy as those people on the show Hoarders, but I do have to fight the urge to keep things just because some day 5 years from now I may possibly need it. ¬†The other urge I have to fight is “this is just such a great deal….I MUST buy 4 of them!”

The funny thing is that I also like things to be simple and streamlined, so my pack rat tendencies are actually really frustrating for me. ¬†I’m trying to minimalize (is that a word?) areas of our house a little bit at a time. ¬†Every few weeks I go through my closet and get rid of a few clothes I never wear,¬†or should never wear. ¬†It feels so good to only have clothes in my closet that I love to wear.

So my most recent area to minimalize was our toiletries cabinet, or should I say cabinets. ¬†I had lotions and soaps in 4 different cabinets in our house. ¬†Here is a picture of all the items (and this isn’t even the stuff we use on a daily basis, its just extras):

This is kind of embarassing. ¬†Yes, that is like 15 mini bars of soap from a hotel…please don’t judge me.

After sorting through it all, this is what I decided to keep:

That empty drawer was actually full of stuff too, I just forgot about it in the first picture. ¬†This still seems like a lot of toiletries, but here is what I’m getting rid of:

A couple weeks ago I had done a mini session and had already decided to get rid of this stuff:


Now, does anyone have any suggestions of what to do with all of this?  Some of it has never been used.

It may seem wasteful to get rid of all of this stuff, but I’m trying to simplify my life where I can and really don’t need all of this sitting around in my cabinets. ¬†I’ve switched to using handmade bar soap and shampoo bars found here, and I use Charlie’s soap for all my cleaning needs. ¬†I also got a Norwex mop for my¬†kitchen, so bye bye Swiffer!

Merry Christmas! Our 2010 Christmas Letter

23 Dec


What a year. We have been incredibly blessed this year, but we have also been through some challenging times.  Through it all we continue to see God’s hand at work in our lives over and over again, both in the sorrows and the joy.  This year for our Christmas letter we decided to list a few events from each month of 2010.


  • Anna‚Äôs dad passed away
  • We got new carpet
  • We finished the playroom


  • Dustin spent a week in the hospital
  • We got a new furnace
  • We spent a weekend at a cabin with our small group


  • Anna got a promotion at General Mills
  • Dustin finished his Man Room in the basement


  • Elliana was born April 1
  • Anna‚Äôs mom stayed with us for 2 weeks
  • Lydia turned 2
  • We got a new water softener


  • We expanded the garden and planted asparagus


  • Anna started selling Premier Designs Jewelry
  • Dustin had a work party on the 50th floor of the IDS building


  • We spent the 4th in Ripon visiting family and friends from Brazil
  • We went camping in Okoboji
  • Took a second trip to Ripon for a memorial service for Anna‚Äôs Dad


  • Lydia potty trained
  • Dustin rode his bike in the Dairyland Dare
  • We went camping in Bayfield, WI


  • Anna & Ellie went to Indiana to visit friends
  • Anna became a full time stay-at-home mom


  • We painted the upstairs bathroom
  • Our family visited for Elliana’s dedication
  • Annual Stout girls weekend at our house


  • Drove to Iowa to have Chick-fil-a
  • Anna sold items at Bethlehem craft sale


  • Spent time with loved ones


We hope and pray that you have a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year.


Dustin, Anna, Lydia and Elliana Hershberger


The Table

2 Oct

Do you remember this table in the playroom?¬† My Dad made it about 50 years ago and I’m so happy we get to have it in our house for our girls to play with, but, it desperately needed a paint job.

Here it is after I painted and distressed it.¬† This was my first attempt at distressing something, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

A little decorating

25 Aug

As I’ve written about before, it’s hard for me to hang things on the wall. It takes me forever to decide where to put things and I hate putting holes in the wall and then deciding I don’t like what I did. Anyways, this past weekend I put lots of holes in our walls and I like how it turned out.

Pictures of room updates…finally

22 Feb

I finally took some pictures of Lydia’s new play room and big girl bed.

The bed was Dustin's when he was little. The bedding is mine from college. Lydia loves it!

I still have some things to do. I want to paint the little kitchen and the table and chairs. My grandpa made the kitchen for my mom when she was little. My dad made the table and chairs for my sisters. I used them both. I'm also in the process of making a play canopy.

Back home with a new furnace

12 Feb

After spending 4 days in the hospital, Dustin got to come home yesterday!¬† He is doing much better, but still has to take antibiotics for his infected lymph nodes for several days.¬† The doctor still doesn’t know what caused the infection in the first place though.¬† I’m just so thankful that he is doing better and is home.

As I mentioned a few days ago, our furnace went out over the weekend.¬† A repair man was able to get it running again, but said it really should be replaced.¬† Well, I woke up two more times this week to a cold house, so today we had a new furnace put in.¬† We are really excited about it because it is a 95% efficiency furnace and we had been told ours was probably running at about 50 or 60%.¬† I’m looking forward to lower heating bills!

Lydia and the carpet

4 Feb