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The end of 60 for 60

1 Sep

Well, some of you will remember that I challenged myself to to only have 60 pieces of clothing for 6o days.  Challenge complete!  I made it and I learned a few things about my wardrobe during this experience:

  • I don’t “dress up” as much as I thought I did
  • I need to have some “get dirty” clothes for cleaning and yard work
  • Laundry day is much quicker when you have fewer clothes
  • I don’t need to have multiple long sleeve options during July and August
  • It’s nice to have fewer options when getting dressed in the morning
  • I wear the same 4 pairs of shoes most of the time
What will I do now?  Well, I like having a more minimalist closet, so I don’t plan to bring back everything, but I will be adding back a few items, especially more T-shirts.  I just don’t wear “nice” clothes as much as I like to think I do 😉
Overall I think this was a good little experiment for me.  I’m glad I did it.

A clothing challenge, 60 for 60

30 Jun

In an attempt to be more minimalist in my closet I’ve decided to  do a little clothing challenge.  I’m calling it 60 for 60.  I have picked out 60 pieces of clothing, including shoes and that is all I will wear for 60 days.  I got the idea from my husband who mentioned there were some people doing a 333 challenge, 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months.  I wasn’t quite ready for that extreme of a challenge, so I made up my own.  60 items sounds like a lot until you start to pick things out.  Now, my 60 items do not include underwear, socks, pajamas, or workout clothes.  What am I including?

  • Shoes: 9 (not including running and biking shoes)
  • Dress/skirts: 6
  • Lounge pants: 2
  • Pants/shorts: 9
  • Tops: 34
This all starts tomorrow and goes through the end of August.  Anyone want to join me?

The new kitchen

15 Jun

After we went through our kitchen and minimalized it, I decided I wanted to paint the walls.  I am thrilled with the results! Ultimately I want to paint the cabinets white and get new countertops, but I already think the new wall color makes a huge difference.

(As you can see, I also put away/got rid of more stuff on my counters in the process.  I should have taken a before picture before I started this minimalist thing.  I also used to have my kitchen aid mixer, a spice rack, and a bunch of kitchen utensils out on the counters.  There was also random things on top of all the cabinets.  I LOVE how much less clutter there is now!!)










Love my new red lights!!! We just spray painted the old 80's brass lights.

I love this poster we got at the Minneapolis Artcrank event.


8 Jun

A few weekends ago we read our friend Josh Becker’s book called Simplify.  Josh writes a blog called Becoming Minimalist.  While the idea of minimalism has always turned me off in the past, all of sudden it was very attractive to both Dustin and I.  If you read any of Josh’s material you’ll know that its not about having bare walls, but rather only having what you really love and need.  Instead of having 15 pieces of art on the wall, only have 2-3 that you really love.  Things like that.  Anyways, we have started to make some changes to our home and I’m already loving the effects.  So far we’ve gone through the kitchen, living room, and our closet and gotten rid of a ton of stuff.  We also pulled some things from the basement and decided we had enough things to have a garage sale.  It is so freeing to get rid of all this extra stuff.  Having fewer things makes decision making and cleaning up so much easier.  It has also made it easier to pass on purchasing new items because we know we are striving to have less things.  I’m really looking forward to continuing this new lifestyle in the rest of our home because believe me, there is still a ton of stuff left. 🙂

Has anyone else recently decided to become minimalist?