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The wait is over!

15 Jun


We are so thrilled to welcome our third precious baby into the world, Owen Daniel Hershberger!

7 pounds 4 ounces, 20.75 inches, 14 inch head, born at 12:22 am on June 14

Of course we are already in love and think he is pretty wonderful. Here are a few photos of his first hours of life. I wrote out the details of his birth after the photos if you’re interested.






For those of you interested in more details about his birth, here you go.
The morning of the 13th I had my 39 week check up and I was dilated to 3 cm. By mid morning I started having mild contractions, but tried not to get too excited, but that afternoon they were consistently 5 minutes apart.
My mom showed up around 4:00 to watch the girls and after my third walk of the day, and some dinner, Dustin and I decided to head to the hospital. I felt weird going in because my contractions still weren’t very strong.
At 7:00 Dustin and I were walking around the hospital hoping to help things progress. At 8:30 my water broke and then things really got going. It’s crazy how you forget just how much those contractions hurt. Ouch!
Around 10:00 I got an epidural and was able to get a little rest. (I know there are differing opinions about epidurals, but I know it is the right decision for me. What an amazing difference if makes.)
Shortly before midnight I was completely dilated and the Dr was called. After about 10 minutes of pushing Owen was born!
We are both doing great and very excited to head home tomorrow and start being a family of 5.