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A successful first craft show

21 Nov

Well, my first craft show was a success! Here is a photo of my table. There over 140 tables at the sale selling everything you can think of. I had so much fun and will be back next year! My biggest sellers were the ruffle scarves. (you can sort of see one of the green ones in the middle of the table.) I sold out before we opened the second day and then started taking orders. Let me know if you’d like one! I sold a little of everything that I brought, so that was nice. It was fun to do a little shopping while I was there too.


The latest playroom addition

23 Mar

I made this play canopy for the playroom.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it cost a lot less than if I would have bought one.  I got the main fabric at a fabric store for $25.  The white netting was$4 at Ikea and the dark pink fabric in the back of the canopy and covering the pillows is from some clearance shower curtains I found Target for $6.  (The shower curtain fabric is a cotton/poly blend, so its not stiff.)  There are four pillows on the floor of the canopy that we just had in our closet not being used.  I didn’t have a pattern for this, just some pictures from the internet, so considering I just made things up as I went, I think it turned out really cute.

Busy Weekend

7 Jun

First of all, I promise to write about Cali soon, but you can see dome pictures of our trip on our flickr page.
It was a busy, but good, weekend. Friday I went out to lunch in Minneapolis with my family to celebrate my nephew’s colllege graduation. After lunch we walked down the street to see a building that used to be a restaurant where my grandpa worked during the depression.
Friday night D’s uncle put in an irrigation system for us!!!! We will finally have a nice lawn!!! We finished installation at 11pm. We were out in the yard with flashlights finishing up.
Saturday was cold and rainy but we still decided to head to the Edina art fair. We didn’t stay very long though. Then we starting helping D’s cousin and his wife move into their townhouse. We are super excited that they will be so close to us. That night we watched a movie.
Today we finished the cousins move and I made some more nursing covers and burp clothes for some friends who will be having babies soon. This is becoming my go to gift for baby showers. Here are some pictures.

A Wonderful Christmas

8 Jan

So I finally got some pictures uploaded on to our flickr page and have some time to write a post about our Christmas.

Christmas eve we had Dustin’s family over for dinner after church.  I served crab legs, Grandma’s scalloped potatoes, green beans, and salad.  We also had cream puffs for dessert!  After dinner we continued the Ebert family tradition of opening pajamas on Christmas eve. 


IMG_0122 by you.

Lydia opening her pajamas

IMG_0138 by you.

"Big Girl" Pajamas


Christmas morning Dustin, Lydia and I opened our stockings and then read the Christmas story in Luke.  Lydia finished opening her gifts which included some clothes I made for her, some books, and money for college from Grandma and Grandpa Ebert!


IMG_0097 by you.

The dress I made Lydia

IMG_0104 by you.

Cute red pants I made. I love the cuffs!

IMG_0101 by you.

Pink pants!

IMG_0163 by you.

Opening Gifts Christmas Morning

During Lydia’s nap, we opened our gifts.  After that we went over to the Hershberger’s for the day.  We had a wonderful meal and opened wonderful presents together.  It was a little strange not to be at my parent’s on Christmas day, but it was nice to start some of our own traditions.

Stay tuned for some picutres and details about our trip to Kentucky!

Another Faux Babe Au Lait

11 Aug

I made another nursing cover.  This one is for my friend Kristy who is due in September!!  She is having a boy, so I tried to pick fabric that was more masculine, but still fun for Kristy to “wear”.  I also made some matching burp clothes out of cloth diapers.

A few people have asked for instructions for how to make one of these.  It is soooo easy, I promise.  I’m not very good at writing instructions, so I hope this is good enough.  Let me know if you have questions.

You’ll need:

1 yard of fabric ( this will give you enough fabric for the cover and some extra for accessories like the burp clothes)

12″ of boning

1 Ring (optional)

Cut a piece of fabric 28″ x 42″.  On the two short sides and one long side, fold the raw edges in and sew.  On the second long side, fold the same way, but place the boning in the middle and sew.

For the strap you can either make two straps that you tie together, or one long strap and a ring.  To make the strap I cut a long piece of fabric that was 4.5″ wide.  Sew wrong sides together and then turn right side out.  If you want a ring, cut a small section of the strap and fold in around the ring and sew onto the cover just to the right of the boning.  Sew the other part of the strap to the left of the boning.   If you just use two longer straps, sew one on each side of the boning.

I hope this makes sense.  Like I said, let me know if you have questions.

Free Time Sewing

7 Jul

I have been able to do a few projects during some of Lydia’s naps the past few days.

I made a couple headbands for Lydia using patterns from this site:

I made a bigger nursing cover out of thicker fabric. The first one I made was good, but I feel more comfortable with a little more fabric.

I like these slings by Hotsling a lot, but they are fairly pricing so I decided to make my own. It was super easy and Lydia seems to like it. As she gains strength in her neck there are other positions I’ll be able to carry her in too. The sling took about 2 yards of fabric which I got for $8, so I figure I saved about $40 by making it myself! Woohoo! I used this and this as a pattern. (I made a headband for myself too!)

My next project is going to be a hobo bag.  Hopefully I’ll get it done in the next couple weeks.  I already have my fabric, I just need to find time.

Faux Bebe Au Lait

3 Feb

My sister gave me a new sewing machine that is super cool.  It does lots of fancy stiches and embroidery.  For my first project I wanted to start with something simple.  (I haven’t really sewn in years.)  So, I saw these super cute nursing covers online at Bebe au Lait, I thought to myself, ‘I could make that’. So I looked on the internet for some sort of pattern or dimensions to look at and I stumbled upon a super cute blog of someone who had made one; Happy Go Shoppy. She inspired me to create my own faux Bebe au Lait. I must say, I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. I love the fabric and it was super easy.   I even added some cute heart stitches and made a little pouch to keep it neat in the diaper bag! I think this may become a baby shower staple gift.